Whitehawk have registered their intentions to apply for a name change to “Brighton City FC” for the season 2016/17 a further update with be forthcoming in the next two weeks.

12 responses to “Whitehawk enter discussions with The FA”

  1. Steve Davis says:

    A really silly idea. The FA have knocked this idea back once and the supporters are not in favour. We have built up the name of Whitehawk recently and the name should stay.

  2. Keri Kennedy says:

    Whitehawk FC should stay named as so. After the FA cup success we're really making a name for ourselves. I don't know any fans that are in favour. Brighton City has no resemblance of where the club is based and a name change would be a huge shame. If If Everton can get where they are without being called Liverpool City so can Whitehawk!

  3. JJ Waller says:

    Perhaps the club could put the case for why the name change is still deemed important. Especially in the light of the recent FA Cup exposure.

  4. Whatabout Whitehawk of Brighton FC. Keep the history, location and everybody happy.

  5. James Bailey says:

    NOOO Whitehawk FC is awesome. We stand alone!

  6. Why change a great name? We don't play phoney football so why choose a phoney name? Sometimes obscure is better – stands out from the crowd and gets everyone looking. Just look at the Social Media during the FA cup run. The name is a great asset and would be a massive mistake to change it.

  7. Terrible idea.. I've grown up in Whitehawk, played for Whitehawk, my father managed the youth teams for years and he's ashes are actually scattered over the Hawks.. I and my family will be appalled if the names changed.. It won't attract more fans which I believe is the main reason for the idea and if anything it will lose fans.. COYH

  8. Adam Wills says:

    We are an old club in a new city. Whats wrong with looking to the future!?! WHFC was born in a town and i love it for that because we have roots but now we have a chance to lead a city!!! The name change will only help more people know who we are nationally and bring the hawks up to a level they deserve!!!

  9. I am long term Hawks fan and I agree with the name change. The Ultras are awesome and inclusive, just like our great city! We will always be the Hawks #TwoTeamsInBrighton

  10. It would be a real shame to change the name. Building a history in any club is important and the name is part of it. Whitehawk FC stands out and is being talked about now – why change?

  11. As Vice President of "Brighton Football Club" (RFU) Ltd, formed in 1868 and still in existence, I have gone through the formality of lodging an objection with the FA to the name change on the basis of name similarity.

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