Whitehawk FC would like to clarify its position with Brighton and Hove Albion FC (BHAFC) following an interview with Whitehawk FC chairman John Summers, which was posted on whitehawkfc.com, on Wednesday evening.


As a club, we wish to make it clear that we have absolutely no issue with BHAFC as a club, similarly we have absolutely no issue with the fans of BHAFC – some of which attend our home matches when BHAFC are not playing a home game and we very much value that support. We are certainly not looking for a ‘bitter’ rivalry with them either, and any suggestion that we are is wide of the mark, with the club looking considering it as a ‘friendly’ rivalry rather than anything malicious.


What we do take issue with however is how BHAFC treat us as a club. Firstly, attempting to dictate to us what our club can and cannot be called. As mentioned in the interview with John Summers, BHAFC have vetoed EVERY suggestion we had for a name change if it started with “Brighton”, during conversation with their club officials. This further frustrates us as BHAFC do not have ownership of the word “Brighton”, which evidently they seem to believe they do. Many other cities within the country share the name of their city, yet BHAFC refuse to let us do the same. We also wish to point out that our suggestion of “Brighton and Hove City FC” was rejected by the FA due to the similarity with the name of BHAFC, something which as a club we understand and accept.


Whitehawk FC also wish to make it known that BHAFC has threatened us with legal action simply because on our website header, it says “Whitehawk FC, of Brighton and Hove City”, something which is clearly true as we are based in this city. Despite this, BHAFC have felt the need to threaten legal action against us because of this “fact” on our header, again seemingly under the impression they believe they have taken ownership of the words “Brighton and Hove”.


We are not looking for competition with BHAFC and we cannot understand their viewpoint. Our intentions are to also represent our city by being named after it, hopefully in the near future also on a National level, yet this is being blocked by BHAFC. We respect they have existed since 1901, though most of their history they were based in Hove, rather than Brighton. As it is well known, they were forced from their home and forced to play 70 miles away in Gillingham, eventually being homeless for 14 years, something no club should ever have to experience. We do not believe it is a “low blow” to state they have been based for most of their existence in Hove at all.


Whitehawk FC welcome more dialogue with BHAFC in the future, however we wish this dialogue not to be threats of legal action, or refusal to let us use the word(s) “Brighton and Hove”.

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  1. Mat Walker says:

    Wow. Talk about airing your dirty laundry in public! Some things are best left behind closed doors and petty sniping like this doesn't do anyone any favours.

  2. Jon Smith says:

    Do the Albion want some or what?

  3. It looks like some of the Whitehawk fans/employees have been on the Brighton fc Banter Book, as I know of only a few people who used the wors "low blow" myself included.

  4. As a brighton fan ( the only brighton club) i have been put off ever coming to a whitehawk game after all of this. What is the point in the name change? and to have a go a brighton again and again and then try and backtrack has put me and many other brighton fans off coming to your games. So a scheme which is supposedly meant to help tyour attendances (which it never would) is actually going to decrease your attendances. Do you honestly think that chainging your name would create bigger attendances? of course it wouldn't. Maybe you should focus on football to get better attendances.

  5. Really can't understand the Whitehawk self loathing. It's a great name and they should be proud of it.

  6. Frank Parker says:

    Come on whitehawk stop shooting yourself … hawk fans are against the change … why are the board so blinkered.

  7. Mark Raven says:

    I for one will not go to Whitehawk again.The Club are Whitehawk FC, the fans do not want the change, once again a board who totally disregards how supporters feel and we now how that feels at BHAFC.

  8. Alison Evans says:

    I'm afraid this all sounds very bitter, why change the name I'm Whitehawk & proud, the club should be as well

  9. Adam Barnes says:

    Stop fucking crying about your name….

  10. Mark Coleman says:

    What is the point of a name change? Ok, I'm in Suffolk and until recently had no idea where Whitehawk are based, ipswich town don't seem to have a problem with Ipswich Wanderers, and do you guys know where Cornard is? If I said Sudbury you would have a better idea wouldn't you. What's the problem wth Whitehawk changing their name?

  11. I've yet to speak to a true Hawks fan who wants a name change..so why are the board so determined to ignore their fan base sounds a bit like the problem at Hull?…Whitehawk FC load and proud…come on the you ultras start banging that drum!

  12. Name change makes sense to me, looks like Brighton are throwing their weight around which is a bit poor. They were once a local only club too.

  13. Your head is so far up your own arse it's unbelievable! I bet you never watched brighton at withdean did you?

  14. You're obviously retarded- whitehawk is in Brighton, and if I'm being honest we don't want people like you coming to our games complaining! Us fans, (not customers) don't want this name change so why have a go at us you goon? We do nothing to brighton fans, fans-To-fans! You're just so stupid ahaha

  15. Sue Ellis says:

    The fans and people of Whitehawk do not want the change, why mess about with something that most of those who live and work and play in Whitehawk are proud of, sounds to me that those who believe just because they sit on the Board have the right to dictate there own personal gripes….so people don't know or have not heard of Whitehawk,,…we just need to keep playing and winning and one day everyone will know…..we are Whitehawk and Whitehawk F.C.. and damn proud of it……..

  16. Martin Caley says:

    Jamie Cogdell 'Retarded'? Nice. That'll go down well with your all-inclusive Whitehawk buddies.

  17. Ed Coppard says:

    Wow – probably the most poorly worded and unprofessional post by a 'professional' football club I have read in a long time

  18. Jamie Cogdell actually i did go to withdean thank you very much. Brighton and hove albion represents brighton but whitehawk represents whitehawk. You may be located in brighton but you still represent whitehawk like how we are located in falmer but represent brighton

  19. I grew up in WhiteHawk, I think personally the should keep the name, or should least let the fans decide, but if you are going to change it, it should be just Brighton City FC

  20. Lee Harding says:

    I played for a team in the 90s called Brighton Rangers. Don't know if it's still around, but we never had any problems. Maybe BHAFC are worried there might be competition…

  21. Whitehawk as an area has an awful reputation i think that is why they want to change the name. as a neutral i really dont see the issue with 2 of the best clubs in the country have similar names!

  22. plus changing the name would give them freedom to play anywhere in Brighton if they wanted to build a stadium in the future

  23. Kay Hutt says:

    Whitehawk can't compete with BHAFC. Instead they should celebrate what makes them unique – the name, the noise, the fans, the fun – and grow from that.

  24. Aaron Pierce says:

    well yeah because whitehawk fc play in the conference south the 6th tier of english football, where were brighton rangers? im guessing nowhere near that so BHAFC wouldnt of cared, its bcoz theyre climbing the football ladder and getting nearer to them

  25. Aaron Pierce says:

    thats because ipswich wanderes are in the 9th level in the football pyramid, nowhere near ipswich town, whitehawk fc are in the conference south the 6th tier and could get promotion this year, if wanderers climb the ladder and got nearer ipswich town then they might also bring up this same problem to them..

  26. Just become Brighton Hawks Atheletic Football Club. Keeps the Hawks History and gives themselves the Brighton Name they want. I can't see why BHAFC would have a problem with that 😉 (Don't give in to the Bullies)

  27. Well as. PALACE fan who attends Whitehawk games. Thought there was only one team in Brighton……..come on you Hawks! Oh and as for rivalry. Hell yeah!!!

  28. Lee Harding says:

    Aaron Pierce, you just validated my point. BHAFC are clearly just throwing their toys out of their pram (and making themselves look a bit pathetic in the process)

  29. James Palmer says:

    As an Albion fan I see no issue at all with whitehawk becoming Brighton City, or similar. We all know the difference. If anyone is that easily confused they have bigger problems frankly.

  30. Brighton isn't even a city, it's a town, making the whole 'Brighton City FC' thing kind of stupid. I think Whitehawk are just trying to make themselves out to be bigger than they are.

  31. Luke Russell says:

    You don't need to change your name stop trying to copy us you will never be as good so just drop it

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