Manager Steve King after Saturday’s game

“We can’t get more than 3 points from a game – but, that’s the the best we have played since I first came here, I thought we were outstanding, especially in the first half.”

“We were excellent today and should have been 5-1 up by halftime.”

“We worked hard in training and the results are starting to show.”

“Ebbsfleet are a quality, full time side, and on the day – we were the better side, by a good margin.”

“Let’s hope this kind of football will encourage football supporters in the area to come and ‘check us out’!






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  1. Pete Gillman

    Too damn right. But we have to publicise ourselves more.

  2. We will not get any more support without touting for business. There must be many people who are not aware of how good we are (also value for money). We must attract people to the ground for the first time and then they will probably return for more.

    • Agreed – we are trying.
      We are also always looking for people who’d like to get involved at the club and help us to push forwards.

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