Hawks Launch 200 Club

Whitehawk Football Club are launching the 200 CLUB for the forthcoming 2015-16 season.

The  200 CLUB is a monthly draw that invites players to commit £5 a month which is taken from your bank account by standing order.

The 200 CLUB will pay three monthly prizes:  1st place will receive 25% of the monthly fund,  2nd place will receive 15% of the monthly fund and 3rd place will receive 10% of the monthly fund.  For example, if there are 200 players, the monthly fund will be £1,000.  1st place will receive £250, 2nd place will receive £150 and 3rd place will receive £100.  The remainder of the monthly fund will help to contribute towards the running costs of Whitehawk FC.

We’d like to get as many people to join the 200 CLUB as this will of course help Whitehawk FC, but will also boost the monthly prize fund for all players taking part.

We would like all standing orders to be collected in the first week of each month so that the prize fund can then be calculated.  The prize draw will then take place at the Enclosed Ground on our last home game of each month.  Each 200 CLUB player will be allocated their own individual number/s and a random supporter will be asked to draw three numbers out.  I will then contact each one of the monthly winners by phone/email to let them know they have won a prize.

Players can commit to more than one number if they choose.  One number = £5, two numbers = £10, three numbers = £15 etc.

The standing order form is attached so please print it off and complete your details if you would like to take part in the 200 CLUB monthly draw.

200 CLUB

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